About Advita Schools

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Advita is an international school in Karimnagar, Telangana State and is an exclusive place for all the kids who want their learning to be FUN – tastic!

Launched in June 2014, we offer first class, high–school preparatory education to students from Karimnagar and around the state. The school is affiliated to the X-SEED (foundation for life) and the CBSE where students are inducted from Play group to Grade 5.

Advita International was founded by Mr Komariah Sowgani under the umbrella of the Vivekananda Vidyanikethan Educational Institutions which have been Alma Mater to several generations of successful scholars, from within the vicinity of Karimnagar and other far–flung places in the state.

This heritage continues today in Advita International’s Commitment to values of excellence, personal responsibility and service, and in our special mission to educate the child, to empower him/her to face the vicissitudes that life will hold for them with grace & courage – a purpose to which we are wholly committed to.

Our Vision

To create global citizens through traditional values of love, empathy, discipline and respect – 21st century citizens who could think globally & act accordingly.

Our Mission

We’ll create leaders of tomorrow through education which aims at life – long learning.


• Leadership – the ability to lead oneself first, then others.
• The absence of all fear.
• Strong community orientation.
• Wholesome education in relevance with academic excellence.
• Enthusiasm – Positivism – Vibrancy.

  • Academic excellence: Innovative teaching methods to nurture the potentials of the students, driving them towards achieving academic excellence.
  • Personal Attention: A team of Skilled and experienced teachers who are experts in their respective fields to cater to the curiosities of each student.
  • Holistic Development: Learning beyond classrooms through a spectrum of extra-curricular activities for an all-round progress.
  • Best-in-class Infrastructure: World-class infrastructure to complement the academic process and extra-curricular activities.
  • Safe Campus: Comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of our students.

"Education can bring back on track any deviated affair and change the course of the world for the better."


To nurture the leaders of tomorrow, ADVITA International School has introduced a new philosophy of ‘SMARTER’ with an aim to achieve all round excellence, which can help us in bringing out the highest of potentials, making each child self-sufficient and prepared for life.

It is time to integrate the area of change, with a SMARTER and faster mechanism that focuses on every little detail in a school’s environment that we tend to miss out.


“Self-discipline is the key ingredient to success” Our philosophy of ‘SMARTER’ for a perfect curriculum begins with understanding the academic mindset. ADVITA aims at making students independent of monitored discipline. They need to learn to take responsibilities for themselves. This allows a child to gain a perception of himself/herself. The child can then check his own progress and begin to work on himself.
SMARTER theory makes a student self-sufficient and composed in his ways. It helps him learn to deal with basic stress and monotonous routines. Children who are able to build self-control are happier and less stressed. Through these little details, we encourage a child's belief in the value of education.

  • Student Motivation Programmes
  • Monitored Innovative Assemblies
  • Guest Lectures
  • Special Skill Workshops
  • A spectrum of competition opportunities
  • School Management Software
  • Student Council
  • Various Internal & External Assessments/ Competitions

Various Internal & External Assessments/ Competitions help build a child’s persona, polishing his learning skills as well as life skills.


Mastery learning methods suggest that the focus of instruction should be the time required for different students to learn the same material and achieve the same level of mastery. This is very much in contrast with classic models of teaching, which focus more on differences in students' ability and where all students are given approximately the same amount of time to learn and the same set of instructions.

“Hard Work always pays off” We try to inculcate a culture of 'you reap what you sow' in our classrooms. Sprinkling the essence of hard work in our schedules, we ignite academic rigor in every child. This theory focuses on honing the sharp minds and training them for excellence. This theory is not just limited to a student’s life. We give a lot of importance to our Teacher Training Programs as well, motivating hard work and rigor in their efforts.


“Knowledge is of no use unless you put it to practice” A child can easily mug up what is being taught and forget what he learnt very soon after his or her exams. Imparting practical knowledge is extremely crucial. ORCHIDS have introduced the most efficient and modern ways to deal with this issue. Every subject, at ADVITA, is taught with an emphasis on real world applications.

To spark their interest in innovations and ideas, our in-house team of engineers has designed

We intend to stimulate originality in their efforts and vision. To make them fearless of science and typical topics, we have introduced them in a more engaging and attractive manner.


In order to raise awareness around environmental issues, it is vital to start the conversation. We believe that Environmental Awareness should be part of a school curriculum. ADVITA has an excellent process in place to be environmentally responsible. We take up a number of voluntary services towards the community and make sure that students show interest and empathy towards the cause.

As part of the social responsibility campaign, we organize regular awareness drives to promote greater understanding of the environment. To make this process more streamlined, we have introduced special clubs in all our schools for this purpose. ADVITA has been at the forefront of many plantation and cleanliness drives with active participation from the student, parent and teaching community.

Teachers at this school

Tenacious in mind and body

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” In keeping with our holistic development approach, we feel a child’s health is as important as his academics, if not more. After all, if a student’s health doesn't permit, his academic life might get disrupted. To achieve excellence in Physical Fitness programs, ADVITA consistently thrives in contributing to their necessities through the following.

SPORTS PROGRAMS including Special Talent Encouragement Program and After School Sports Program. We tend to facilitate new sports activities such as racquetball, archery, taekwondo etc. to add some exposure to our fitness curriculum. Several sports continue to be a part of the curriculum, such as swimming, archery, taekwondo, racquet football, and many more. These are divided into the following divisions:


“What is experienced on the street can never be learned in the class” An ideal school never misses out on the right exposure required for a child to experience. We incorporate the following:


“Free thinking cultivates innovative learning” ADVITA is bent on building next generation leaders. We wish to nurture our children in a way that is reflected in their words, thoughts and actions. In order to cultivate independent thinking in a child, he must be made capable of thinking critically. Our models focus on application-based learning.
The kind of person the student turns out to be, is a reflection of his upbringing, both at home and in his school. We aim for an outcome worth the effort.


The continuous evolution of the ever-changing world will bring a new picture all across. Doubt is, even the most skilled human may suddenly find his skills obsolete and fail to adapt to the new evolved environment, to ‘the changed future’.

The Question is - ‘How will a student face the changed World?’
The Answer is, with the right attitude and great confidence to bend and twist existing skills and knowledge while standing firm to the true idea of great Darwin’s theory ‘Survival of the fittest’. And this same has ever been the idea of survival, since the genesis.
SMARTER theory is all about the required change and the right approach to build your child into a confident personality with undeniable attitude.

Life at ADVITA is about giving your child the best you have wanted as a parent. From a strong academic foundation to the development of your child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality, the AIS way is about holistic development in its true sense.
Our academic excellence, the student’s wholesome development is an open testimonial one can refer to. We understand that after home, the single biggest influence is the institution that you choose for your child’s learning, making it all the more crucial for you to take this decision with great care.